Why don't we show estimated sales or revenue

  1. Currently Unicorn Smasher Pro only runs well on Amazon US, UK, Germany, France, Italyand Spain
     . Now we are working on the rest of Amazon marketplaces which will be released soon.
  2. When Amazon doesn't display the product rank in the parent category, then Unicorn Smasher Pro can't estimate the sales or revenue, because we use product BSR(Best Sellers Rank) to make estimates. Therefore, there must be a rank in the parent category, not subcategory, since a product rank in the parent category is caculated by Amazon according to the comprehensive perfermance of a product, then Unicorn Smasher Pro can estimate product sales and revenue and make it closer to the accurate one.
  3. For any quesion, please feel free to contact us at, we are here to help.


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